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About us

Our company was founded in 2006, a 100% family owned venture. Our operation covers the specific area of property development where existing properties are bought, fully re-furbished to the highest standars and sold to our customers. The implementation of the work are carried out by a trusted and long known group of sub-contractors and personally coordinated by us. In our work we tend to use the products of local producers and distributors to help the Hungarian economy. We typically work in central Budapest, more specifically in Buda in the districts XI, XII and I.

Our goal is to take those outdated houses, villas, community flats built 50-100 years ago that make up most of the used property market in Budapest and turn them into modern living spaces, as per our 21st century standards. This mainly involves rearranging room spaces, modernizing the mechanical aspects - electricity, plumbing, heating and so on.

Our stride for quality helped us to get past the financial recession of 2008 without any significant fallback and has made a lot of satisfied customers who have found happiness and good investment in our properties.

Bednárik Zsolt
Managing director


Who we think our properties are for

  • People looking for something more than just a common flat
  • Those who want to live in an given area where they cannot find newly built properties
  • Parents living abroad / outside of Budapest who want their children to live in a property that retains its value instead of student housing
  • Those customers who insist on the highest standards of a newly built apartment but do not want to spend as much money
  • Investors, looking for a long term investment in a property that's easy to rent...

We are proud to be


Ingatlan Partner Ltd has received AA rating from Bisnode Hungary which certifies it for being a financially stable company. 

The Bisnode rating system uses AAA, AA and A scores to categorize companies. According to their description in Hungary, only 9.82% of the companies deserve AAA, AA or A rating, which means it is a distinction to have a Bisnode certificate. Being one of the country's most prestigious companies conveys the message to the market that companies with AAA, AA or A rating are safe to deal with, and can be counted on in the long term.

Only 1.75% of Hungarian companies are entitled to AA (double A) rating. With them, one can enter into business relations with very low financial risks.

Please read more on their website at www.bisnode.hu.

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